Martincito Birth Story

August 27, 2017 loi

My husband and I went to bed to bed after celebrating his birthday. Up till this point I was having a quite normal first pregnancy , the last thing I expected was for my water to leak.

We weren’t sure if this was normal, so Martin prepared a small bag (surprisingly he did an amazing job). We called my parents in Chile on FaceTime, to tell them to pray for us, and we rushed to hospital on a cold and snowy dawn.

After a quick routine check, we heard the most earth shattering words: “Your baby is stress, we can’t hear his heart beat. We have to take him out now to save his life”.  My body was quivering and I cried as panic held me.

It was scary not knowing what was gonna happen or what the outcome was gonna be.  We shed so many tears and pray that everything will turn out fine, but you have no control or power in these situations.

Everything went really fast. I remember breathing in gasps as my husband fainted next to me. I remember the nurses running back forward preparing me for the surgery. I remember a doctor holding my hand during the procedure. I remember a nurse gently stroking my hair telling me “you are very brave honey”. I remember my  husband entering to the room to kiss me and tell me “‘I’m here baby, I love you”.

Being far away from my family was specially hard this time, but I felt somehow everybody was close. These people in the room were angels to me.

Martin Gian Luca arrived on Jan 22nd of 2016 at 06:12 am, at 32 weeks gestation by emergency c-section. He weighed 1,890 gr. and was 42 cm long.

“Is a boy” The spanish doctor said “but he is not doing ok, they need to help him now”. Martin was the first one to met him, and a few hours later they took me to Neonatology to finally hold my little men. He was so tiny, unique, irreplaceable and perfect.

We were ecstatic to be parents but little did we know what a long and hard journey we had ahead. A lot of parents go back to their home sometimes to rest, we didn’t. We stayed with our baby day and night. After five long weeks of ups and downs, we left the hospital and brought our son home. And a whole new adventure started.

We are so blessed for the care our preemie received, and for our family and friends prayers and support. We know that every life is a gift and not a guarantee.

Our baby survived, he is healthy and happy, and our world is brighter and better because of it.

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